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Shaping the Future of our Children through Mentoring Programs

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Our Program

The goal of our mentoring program is simple: we provide social and academic development that ensures all male students graduate from high school on time and that they are prepared for a successful transition to post-secondary education and or the workforce. With the support of sponsors, county officials, counselors, teachers, parents, staff, and mentors, we're achieving our mission.


It is our goal to provide mentors to at-risk youth in our local community. We offer a variety of planned activities, including educational workshops, team building programs, and one-on-one counseling, in an effort to guide young men on a positive path to the future.

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Our Goal

It is our hope that, over time, we will create a learning environment that is an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors, and the community as a whole. A bright future for our youth is very important, which is why we are bringing awareness to the importance of mentoring. It is our plan to address risk factors through our programs while giving special attention to young men who often have the odds stacked against them.

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About The Fox84 Initiative For Boys

Children and adolescents are in a very important developmental phase in their lives. Decisions made during this influential period can have a major impact on their future. The Fox84 Initiative For Boys is a nonprofit organization in Marion, South Carolina, dedicated to providing mentoring programs for at-risk youths.


Research proves that mentoring relationships have a positive effect on young people, yet 1 in 3 adolescents do not have access to a mentor. This means approximately 16 million youths, including nine million at-risk youths, reach the age of 19 without ever having a mentor. Through our programs, we hope to change this statistic and inspire young men to make better decisions, so they have a brighter future and don't turn to crime.


We aim to integrate mentoring as a holistic approach to driving achievement. Mentoring builds personal relationships and is a powerful way to enhance the lives of all types of young people. We are passionate about making a profound difference in the lives of our youth and hope that by improving their chances in life, we also strengthen our community, economy, and country.

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