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Upcoming Events
2019 The Fox84 Initiative New York Exploration Trip
Dates: November 22-November 26, 2019


Location: Marion SC/New York, NY

2019 The Fox84 Initiative 3rd Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk
Dates: May 4, 2019 (Completed)

Community Fund Raiser

Location: Marion High School, Marion SC

2019 The End of Summer Fish Fry
Dates: September 14, 2019 (Completed)

Community Fund Raiser

Location: Marion SC (Pop Dorsey Store)

2018 The Fox84 Initiative Washington DC Exploration Trip
Dates: Completed 

Enrollment Orientation

Location: Marion SC/Washington DC

DC Top Image.jpg
The Fox84 Initiative for Boys Fish Fry Event Fundraiser
Dates: Saturday, January 19, 2019 (COMPLETED)

Community Fund Raiser

Location: TBA

2018-2019 School Visits

Dates: 17-18 January 2019 (COMPLETED)

Community Mentoring Program

Location: Marion SC- Marion County Schools

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