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Help a Young Man Succeed, Become One Of Our Mentors

The Fox84 Initiative For Boys exists to serve the young man of Marion County. We are dedicated to providing mentors for at-risk youths so, together, they can participate in planned activities, including team-building programs and educational workshops. Mentoring builds individuals, schools, families, and communities. Our mentors share their views, experiences, knowledge, support, and advice to help young men avoid negative behaviors and achieve success.

Mentoring Programs

Our mentoring program pairs young men with a mentor. Together, the two participate in a series of planned activities to strengthen the relationship and improve the young man's confidence and hopefulness. Through personal relationships, young people will identify with a sense of individual responsibility and will gain the commitment to follow a positive path to adulthood with pride and accomplishment. Once a year, we come together with other mentors and host a two- to three-day camp that offers workshops, team-building programs, educational workshops, technical workshops, and a panel for young men to interact with. The purpose of our programs are to provide young men with one-on-one counseling to engage in discussions about strategies for success.

Our Mentors

Our mentors receive continuous training throughout the year and participate in monthly meetings to report on the young man's progress. It is our goal to foster a commitment that promotes pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope for the future.

Our Goal

It is our hope that, over time, we will create a learning environment that is an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors, and the community as a whole. A bright future for our youth is very important, which is why we are bringing awareness to the importance of mentoring. It is our plan to address risk factors through our programs while giving special attention to young men who often have the odds stacked against them.

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How to help?

Young people who have a mentor are more likely to participate in after-school activities, be leaders in clubs and teams, volunteer, and go on to college. Donations and volunteers help increase our ability to provide quality, life-changing mentoring relationships for at-risk youths who are in dire need of a role model. We are seeking funding and donations from every source available. Please help us give the young men of our community a chance for a better future. Our donation levels are as follows:

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